Rancho’s Work Trucks Never Stop Working

truckVictorville businesses that rely on rugged work vehicles often have to make a tough decision. Who do they go to for a fleet of work vehicles that get the job done? Since 1971, a huge portion of Victorville businesses trust Rancho Motors Company to supply the entire crew with rough, rugged work vehicles that are up to any task. Their selection process for work vehicles is one of the secrets to their success. They know that every work crew needs a different type of vehicle. Some of their most popular work trucks include vehicles with many different kinds of service type bodies:

– Cutaway vans

– Trucks (The tough Chevy kind)

– Pickups

– Welder bodies

– Dump body

That’s just a short list of the body styles that Rancho Motors offers at its dealership. More than most customers, business customers often need more extensive and complicated types of financing, so Rancho has always made sure to work closely with businesses to meet their needs on financing. There isn’t a more pleasant financing department to be found in any auto dealership in the world. Since 1971, Rancho Motors has worked with individuals, businesses, and entire families to ensure that they drive away in the vehicle of their dreams.

Businesses can also depend on Rancho’s team of mechanics in their body shop. Staffed with GM trained and certified technician, their collision center is one of the best in the business, as anyone in the Victorville area will let you know. Rancho isn’t just well-known for helping customers with aftercare on their car. They’re also well known for their community outreach efforts which inspire people in their community to come together for fun events and work together as a community to fund some of the area’s most important causes.

corvetteRancho has been a part of such community events in surrounding areas. San Bernardino, Oak Hills, and Apple Valley are all familiar with the Rancho name. Rancho has participated in such events as Hot Rod Halloween, are annual sponsors of the VV Corvette Club, regularly participates in Hesperia Days, and enjoys great jazz every year at the Rotary of Victorville’s Jazz Days celebration. No company could reach the level of respect that Rancho has without being an active participant in community events. They’ve shown up to these community events because they believe that a business has a responsibility to the community it gets its business from.

The next time you’re at an annual event or youth sports league event, check out whether or not Rancho was a part of that event. Nine times out of ten, the team at Rancho was there, rooting for your children, spending money to ensure that you had a great event, or contributing to important fundraisers that benefit you and your family. That’s the kind of company that Rancho has been since 1971 and they show no signs of letting up in this day and age. They’ll be here for years to come.