Ways Rancho Motor Company Supports Its Community

cadillacSome businesses follow the “profit is king” model and never strive to do anything beyond earn a dollar. For some, this business model is perfectly fine and there’s no crime in making money. However, for businesses like Rancho Motor Company, giving back to the community that has put so much trust in them is worth more than a buck. Rancho has contributed to their community since 1971, when they opened a premium Chevy and Cadillac dealership that shows a lot of love to those two brands.

Located in Hesperia, CA, this car dealership continues to be a powerful force of good in the community in which is resides. There is a strong spirit of sponsorship that inspires the employees at Rancho Motors Company to join in on important community events and make their helpful hand known to attendees. One of the most memorable of events was “Hot Rod Halloween” in 2016, where Rancho Motor Company lent a helping hand financially. After all, who better to know about hot rods than a company that has been selling them since 1971? The captivating car show along with plenty of kid friendly activities made the show a complete success and Rancho was proud to be a part of it.

No car dealership succeeds based on its community activity alone, though. Rancho is well known for its collection of Chevrolet and Cadillac cars and trucks that line their giant lot. Customers have been satisfied completely since the 70’s and over the years Rancho has only grown more influential in their community. They’ve also had a trustworthy and well-respected body shop that ensures that all customers have a dealership they can depend on when something goes wrong with a purchase. The friendly salesmen don’t just sell cars and forget customers but keep up to date with them by offering expansive warranty products and complete car packages for new cars.

driving carUsed cars are a part of Rancho Motor Company, too. You’l find a huge selection of Chevy and Cadillac cars from the past, representing all of the usual favorites from decades past. It’s the goal of Rancho to make sure that each and every customer gets the kind of service they expect from a Chevy dealership. Businesses can also depend on Rancho to dish out commercial fleets that stand every test pit against them on the roads. Rancho’s work trucks are the finest in the industry, built to last on the road and off road. Companies who want a fleet they can depend on have gone to Rancho for years, trusting them with any and every solution they need.

As Rancho continues to expand its collection over the years to include favorite classic cars and ever more reliable work trucks, the community where Rancho makes its home is thankful for all of the prosperity on the show room floor. It has meant an active and dedicated partner for community events both in the past and in the present day.